Keeping up to date with Newsletters

World’s Children mails out old-fashioned paper newsletters to sponsors and donors every couple of months or so. If you’ve been missing out, you can get up to date or read some history. Since we are usually mailing photos, progress reports, letters and drawings to sponsors, we add all the latest news in the envelope. Be sure to look through the whole newsletter since the best pictures are often at the end.

2023 Newsletters

A Day in the Life at Balavikasita Sadan orphanage in India

2022 Newsletters

Winter 2022

2022 December Campaign Safe at Home Projects

Double your Impact with Employee Giving – See Search Tool

Fall 2022

2022 November Campaign Update- No More Monkey Business!

Announcing 2022 Safe at Home Campaign

Summer 2022

2021 Annual Report and 2017-22 Prevention of Child Trafficking Report

2022 Scholarships- Change a Life

2021 Annual Report in photos

Spring 2022

Spring Newsletter 2022 featuring graduates of the World’s Children Scholarship Program.

Winter 2022

March 2022 Newsletter featuring The Baby Project and Campaign Update

2021 Newsletters

December 21 Newsletter with Updates on Comfort after Crisis Campaign

November 21 Newsletter featuring 2021 Comfort after Crisis Campaign

October 21 Newsletter featuring scholarships

October 21 Brochure–More Ways to Help the Children

March 2021 Newsletter Featuring Campaign Funded Projects

2020 Newsletters

December 2020 Newsletter Featuring Whatever the Need Campaign Update

November 2020 Newsletter Featuring Campaign Projects and Home Updates

October 2020 Newsletter Announcing Whatever the Need Campaign for Special Projects

August 2020 Updates about the Children and Scholarships

2019 Annual Report with lots of happy children and before and after photos

June 2020 Coronavirus News from the Homes

April News 2020 with Letter

February 2020 Project Update Newsletter