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Educate Girls – World’s Children Scholarship Fund

Help disadvantaged students earn a college degree and rise out of the cycle of poverty. You can give any amount to the World’s Children Scholarship Fund or you can sponsor a college or vocational student for $55/month.

90% of our scholarship students are impoverished young women. In the 2020-21 academic year, 278 students in India received college and vocational scholarships. 72 graduated in 2021 with an advanced degree! This is a very successful program that ends poverty.

“Educational achievements of women can have ripple effects within the family and across generations. Investing in girls’ education is one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty.” –United Nations Population Fund


Last chance to fill these empty chairs with determined students who won’t go to college without our help.

The students below have determination and great need. Your support can change their lives forever.
Please contribute any amount to the Scholarship Fund at the top of this page. Your gift can be recurring or one time. If you wish to sponsor an individual student ($50/month), click the button below and we will contact you to select a student or you can sponsor one of the young women featured below by adding their name to the note section during checkout.



Lubina needs a scholarship
Lubina wants to be a banker

Lubina—Bachelor of Commerce Banking, 2026

Lubina comes from a poor family. Her father is bedridden and has expensive medical treatments. Lubina cannot continue her studies without financial assistance. She and her sister have been living in orphanages supported by WC.

“Lubina is smart and talented but if she doesn’t get any support, she will have to discontinue her studies. Hence, I request your help for her.” –Sister Lourdu Mary




Rajapriya needs a scholarship
Rajapriya wants to be a nurse

Rajapriya—Bachelor of Science Nursing, 2024

Rajapriyanka has completed two years of her nursing program but she has no funding to continue.

“Rajapriya’s parents passed away when she was three years old. Her aunt has been taking care of her and her younger brother, but her aunt is suffering to fulfill their needs. I request your goodness to help Rajapriya with a scholarship so she can become a nurse.” –Sister Suji

“I hope a World’s Children scholarship can help me do my studies. Without you, nobody will come forward to help me financially. Thank you!”—Rajapriya


Brindha needs a scholarship
Brindha wants to be a nurse

Brindha—ANM Nurse-Midwife Course, 2022

Brindha’s father left her mother and their children. Her mother struggles to feed and educate them. Brindha has been living at one of the orphanages supported by WC. She has completed one year of her two year program.

“My ambition is to get a Bachelor of Science Nursing degree but because my mother is unable to help with my support, I am doing the two-year nurse-midwife course and I will try to finish the BSc Nursing degree later. I am asking your kindness to continue my ANM nursing course. Thanking you.”—Brindha


Nambu needs a scholarship
Nambu wants to be a banker

Nambu, Bachelor of Commerce Banking, 2024

“I feel sad to share my family situation with you. I have two sisters. My father is an alcoholic and he is in critical condition. We have no money to do his treatment. My mother is working as a day laborer. May I kindly request that you help me to continue my studies? You are my role model to be kind and generous towards others. Thanking you.”—Nambu





On behalf of all the aspiring students who need our help, we thank you for your kind support. All donations welcome!