Privacy Policy

World’s Children respects your privacy. Personal data is not distributed, shared, rented or sold to companies, organizations or any third party. We will not send you any information that is not related to our charitable work. We only send mail, whether by post or electronically, to people who have indicated that they are happy to hear from us. Please contact us by email at: with “unsubscribe” in the subject line if you no longer wish to receive updates from World’s Children.

Privacy Policy for Donors

If you are a donor, and you wish to review the information that World’s Children keeps in your file regarding your donations and sponsorship, please contact us . If you prefer, you can write to us at: World’s Children, PO Box 2345, Sisters, OR 97759 or call us at: 541-904-0789.

Refund Policy

World’s Children provides a Refund Policy for your ease of mind and confidence in our charity. If, for ANY reason, you wish a refund, please contact us, either by calling us or by email. Please tell us the date of your transaction and the amount, and the mode of payment. We also request the reason for the refund so we can improve our services. If you made your payment by credit card, be sure to call us so we can handle your refund securely. World’s Children offers both full and partial refunds according to the timeliness of the request. They are handled as soon as we are notified with the appropriate information.