If there were a silver bullet to end the cycle of poverty, it would be to educate girls.

World’s Children not only cares for unwanted girls, we educate them.

Research shows that education is the key to ending poverty, especially for women and girls.

“Educational achievements of women can have ripple effects within the family and across generations. Investing in girls’ education is one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty.” –United Nations Population Fund

Educate Girls
Help vulnerable girls stay in school

The Girl Fund

The Girl Fund helps vulnerable girls stay in school, receive a high school diploma, obtain vocational training or a college degree. In some cases, we use The Girl Fund to help girls who need sanctuary from child marriage or child trafficking.


To fight poverty, invest in girls

Best return on investment

When girls are educated, they delay marriage and childbearing, resulting in smaller, healthier families.

They also have more opportunities to generate income, which is then more likely to be invested in their families and communities to provide the same opportunities to more girls.

An investment in girls’ education yields the best return in the developing world.

For each additional year of primary school a girl attends, her future earnings increase 10-20%. And the return is even higher for secondary school – 15-25%.

Educating girls doesn’t just benefit families, it helps the economy. When educated women join the workforce, productivity goes up and GDP increases.

Reduce Global Poverty

College Scholarships for Young Women

With your help, a disadvantaged student can earn a college degree and rise out of the cycle of poverty.

Nayana is now a certified nurse – with no debt

You can sponsor a college student or vocational student for $50/month or you can give any amount to the World’s Children Scholarship Fund.

We award scholarships to both men and women but 90% of our scholarship students are impoverished young women like Nayana.

In 2017, 60 young women who were scholarship recipients graduated from college.


I am glad to say I have completed my course successfully without any debt. I will never forget you in my lifetime. Now I am a certified and qualified nurse, all the credit goes to you my dear sponsor. — Nayana, 2017 nursing graduate

Sravanthi at 11 years old
Sravanthi at 22 years old

Sravanthi received a master’s degree in Technology in 2016. She was first sponsored through WC in 2006. Sravanthi is part of a new wave of young women in science and technology paving the way for future generations.

Her Story

Sravanthi was born to a very poor family in India. Her father is a farmer. Quite often uneducated parents in India take their daughters out of school. Luckily, Sravanthi’s parents valued education even though they had no means to provide it. Sravanthi’s sponsors helped her as a child and continued until she could complete both her bachelor of technology degree and her master’s degree in electrical engineering.


Vocational Training for Women

World’s Children provides individual scholarships for vocational students pursuing training in computers, business, tailoring, and other programs.

Bharathi's Story

Bharathi’s father died last year. She is currently enrolled in a Business Management vocational program paid by a World’s Children Scholarship. Her goal is to become a manager for an IT company.

“I want to complete this course so in the future I can help my mother and sisters.” – Bharathi

Your gift can be the final step to freedom for an inspiring young woman.