Annual Campaign

Annual Campaign for Special Projects

Every year our annual campaign completes special projects at the children’s homes we support. Join us in improving the lives of orphans and vulnerable children. See below and choose a project that speaks to you.

Comfort after Crisis Annual Campaign

Fate determined the children must grow up in an orphanage, but we can make their lives fulfilling and their environment safe. Sponsorship support provides the basic necessities a child needs – food, shelter, education and love. But over time we have learned that many other threads make up the fabric of a child’s welfare. That’s where special projects come in.

Each fall we ask the children’s home what they need and we ask if you can give a little more to make life better for children who must grow up in an orphanage. And each year you amaze us with your willingness to fund renovations and improvements in the children’s homes. The global suffering created by coronavirus made 2020 and 2021 unprecedented years. This crisis has exposed some special needs for many of the orphanages, particularly when it comes to sanitation, food availability and reliable transportation.

The theme for our annual fundraising campaign to improve conditions in the children’s homes is Comfort after Crisis. We chose that theme because we all want to let the children know they can once again be safe and comfortable after 18 months of fear and uncertainty due to covid. Please see the list of the current project requests below. We will continue to fundraise for the projects until they are funded.

If you wish your contribution to go towards a specific project, you can write it in the note section at check-out.

Projects that need funding



Bethel Orphanage – Government ordered repair of cracked walls and painting over mold inside and outside the boys’ dorm housing 43 boys. Cost: $7,388.


Bethel Orphanage – Study hall for 43 boys to do schoolwork. Now they sit on the ground outside. Cost: $22,891.
Happy Home for Children – Boys’ dormitory for 55 boys. Already 12 covid orphans have arrived. Government has mandated that a new dormitory be built. The dorm they have is too small. Cost: $37,038.
Balavikasita Orphanage – Dining hall needs roof/wall construction. Partial roof and walls now allow rain to pour in. Also rats get into the stored food. Cost: $12,955.


Raichur Girls’ Hostel – Sick room with cots, mattresses, medical supplies and an attached toilet to quarantine sick children for the benefit of 50 girls. Cost: $11,112.
Nirmala Matha Home for Children – 2 cows. Every day they must purchase 40 liters of milk costing $23. Cost of 2 cows with calves: $1,666

The cost of these projects may be more than any one of us can afford.
But if we all pitch in, it’s amazing what we can do together. You can give any amount either recurring or one time.


Campaign Projects Funded To Date

  1. Nithya Sahaya Matha—Lockers for 80 children.
  2. St. Anthony’s Orphanage—Study hall desks & chairs for 160 children.
  3. Kaithar Boys’ Hostel—80 desks & benches for the children.
  4. Nambikkai Illam—15 dining tables & benches for 80 children.
  5. Nambikkai Illam—Beds, mattresses, pillows, bed spreads for 30 girls.
  6. Balavikasita Orphanage -Five inverters with batteries for their boys’ home and girls’ home affecting 90+ children.
  7. Shanthi Nilayam – Finish construction of a library and computer room for 45 HIV-affected boys.
  8. Swadhar Children’s Home – New bridge over the canal in front of their gate. affecting 44 girls.
  9. Bridge of Hope Construction of guard tower and gate to protect 140 children.
  10. Scholarship Fund—30 additional students received scholarships. (Total for 2021-22 year=275 students receiving scholarships)
  11. Shanthi Nilayam—Washing machine for 45 HIV-affected boys.
  12. Miriam Boarding Home— Refrigerator for 120 girls.
  13. Little Flower Home—Steam boiler for kitchen for 130 children.
  14. Nirmala Matha Home—4 goats and 20 hens to help feed 280 girls.
  15. St. Elizabeth’s Children’s Home—Scooter to help care for 67 kids.
  16. Shanthi Nilayam—Scooter to help care for 45 boys affected by HIV.
  17. Nirmala Matha Home – Motor scooter for getting to the city to buy fruits and vegetables for 280 girls.
  18. Athipet Tribal Girls’ Home – Motor scooter for transportation that would aid taking care of 120 girls.
  19. Miriam Boarding Home—Sewage water absorption for 120 girls.
  20. Assunta Asha Nilayam—Water treatment plant for 30 HIV-affected girls.
  21. Swadhar Home—Repairs to water treatment filtration system.

Thank you for your kind support for the Comfort after Crisis Campaign.



Extreme Makeovers

These BEFORE and AFTER photos show the kind of needs we address and how much your assistance is changing the lives of children.


BEFORE-Bethel Orphanage needed a new kitchen.
AFTER-WC donors provided a new kitchen with a smokeless stove and a dining hall


Athipet needs new toilets
BEFORE-Athipet Home needed a new toilet facility
Katihar children at new toilet building
AFTER-WC donors provided these toilets for Katihar Home
Athipet needs new toilets
AFTER – Borewell
Katihar children at new toilet building
AFTER – Large Water Filter System
Athipet needs new toilets
BEFORE -Toilet Building
Katihar children at new toilet building
AFTER – Toilet Building
Athipet needs new toilets
BEFORE – Bath Water
Katihar children at new toilet building
AFTER – Solar Hot Water Heater
Athipet needs new toilets
BEFORE – No Beds or Nets
Katihar children at new toilet building
AFTER – Beds with Mosquito Nets
Athipet needs new toilets
BEFORE-Eating on the Ground
Katihar children at new toilet building
AFTER – Dining Tables
Athipet needs new toilets
BEFORE – Random Electricity
Katihar children at new toilet building
AFTER – Small Generator for Happy Home
Athipet needs new toilets
AFTER – Solar Power System at Swadhar Home
Katihar children at new toilet building
AFTER – Large Generator for Bethel Orphanage