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Do you need to know how much of your sponsorship you’ve paid this year? Did you forget your sponsored child’s birthdate? When you request a sponsorship update, we will email you the following:

  • Your current payment status
  • Your child’s photo, date of birth, and grade in school
  • Any other recent updates we’ve received about your child
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“Thank you for the friendly correspondence you send. It’s nice to be treated like a friend and not just another sponsor. It truly means a great deal to us. Thanks again for the wonderful work you do to reach children around the world” – A sponsor since 2002

Quick links for current sponsors

Prevent child trafficking through worlds childrenCONTINUING SPONSORSHIP PAYMENT

This option is for current sponsors who want to make a payment for a child or children they already sponsor. We know you and we know your children. You can make a note at check out for clarification.


This option is for current sponsors who wish to give a special amount. Perhaps you support several children and/or student(s) and you just want to give a lump sum. This choice allows you to give any amount and you can choose to make your donation recurring. Add a note at check out.

Current Scholarship Payment

This option is for current sponsors who want to make a payment for scholarship student(s) they support. We know you and we know your student(s). If you need to, you can make a note at check out for clarification.


Your birthday donation assures that each home we support can have a monthly birthday party to honor all the children with birthdays during that month (both sponsored and unsponsored). Children also receive gifts such as books, games, or sports equipment for all the children to share.


The children’s homes we support love to celebrate Christmas. Your donation to the Christmas Fund assures that each home enjoys a delicious holiday meal and every child (sponsored or unsponsored) receives a small gift, such as a new outfit. All the children are treated equally and get to feel special.

Monthly Home Needs

Some sponsors like to donate extra for the home where their sponsored child lives. Your gift goes directly to the home where your child resides or to any other home that you designate in a note at checkout.