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Help vulnerable children in Kenya

Kenya Children’s Fund

Help 130 at-risk children who live at the Acts of Mercy Orphanage in Kenya. Your donation will help feed and care for all the children. Suggested donation: $30/month. If this amount is not in your budget, please give whatever you can.

Acts of Mercy Children’s Home in Kenya

“There are an estimated 250,000 children living on the streets in Kenya.” —NIH


Joseph and children from Acts of Mercy Orphanage in Kenya
Acts of Mercy Orphanage is a home for orphaned children in Kenya. This orphanage was founded by Joseph Muthaur (above) in January 1996.

It all began when Joseph took three street children into his home who were in desperate need of care. Since then, 458 children have lived in the orphanage and now are members of their community, leading successful lives. A volunteer who helped at the orphanage said:

“Joseph at Acts of Mercy Home is the greatest person I’ve ever met. He has devoted his whole life to these neglected, orphaned and sick children, and to this day he takes care of them. This place captures the heart.” –Kasia, a volunteer

Currently the orphanage has 130 children—83 are girls and 47 are boys. Of those, 24 children are mentally and physically challenged, 13 are studying in college, 42 are in secondary school and 51 are in primary schools.

The children remain at this children’s home until they can support themselves as young adults. Before a child leaves the home, Joseph makes necessary arrangements so the child can be self-sufficient. The mentally challenged children stay in the children’s home for a long time.

Vital Project for Acts of Mercy

World’s Children is currently working on a water and sanitation project for Acts of Mercy. Your contribution to the Kenya Children’s Fund will help care for the children and enable us to complete this project.

Acts of Mercy toilets need to be replaced. They also need clean drinking water.

Acts of Mercy needs a borewell with holding tank, new toilets and a water filtrations system. Now these children are drinking water from a river and this has caused the children to suffer outbreaks of Cholera in the past. Let’s keep these children healthy.

Coming soon! In addition to giving your support for all of the children who live at Acts of Mercy Orphanage, soon you will be able to sponsor an individual child in Kenya. Stay tuned!

World’s Children is committed to honoring your stated preferences for donations.
In some circumstances, such as overfunding of a project, your contribution will be used
for the greatest current need of vulnerable children.


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