Casa Hogar Home for Children in Mexico needs money for food.

The foundation of a good life is healthy food. Kids do better in school when they have good nutrition.

Feed the Children at Casa Hogar

Casa Hogar needs monthly food support. Please consider giving a recurring donation so this children's home does not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. Casa Hogar needs $2665 (US) every month to purchase food and essential supplies.

If 100 donors choose the option "This is a monthly gift" in the amount of $25, Casa Hogar would have food security and less stress!

If $25/month is not in your budget, please give whatever you can to help feed these beautiful children at Casa Hogar.

Casa Hogar Children Need Food Security

Update April 26, 2023

As of June, 2023, 96 generous donors have given to Casa Hogar for monthly food and essentials to provide $2022/month. We need $643 more per month or 26 more donors who give $25/month for Casa Hogar to have the food they need. We’ve come so far. Please give whatever you can.

Casa Hogar Children's Home in Mexico
Casa Hogar is a well-run, loving children’s home in Mexico.
Currently 16 children reside there.
They need our help to buy food.


Laura Sanchez runs Casa Hogar Children's Home in Mexico
Meet Laura Sanchez, mother extraordinaire.

In 2014, Laura Sanchez was a school teacher in a small town in Mexico. She was raising two children on her own while working full time as a public-school teacher. Laura noticed that one of her students – a teenage boy – kept coming to school in the same dirty clothes, and he seemed listless and inattentive. She suspected that perhaps he wasn’t getting enough to eat at home. Taking him aside she learned that this boy had recently become a street kid.

He had no father, he told Laura, and his mother was in a lengthy drug rehabilitation program. He was alone in the world, going to school in the daytime and scavenging for food at night. Laura took the boy home that evening and he stayed with her until his mother was released from her rehab program.

Laura wondered if any of her other students were in the same situation. For the next several weeks she took one student after another aside and privately asked how they were doing at home. She was stunned to learn that several other students were on their own because one or both of their parents were in jail or in a drug treatment program. All these children came home with her.



I promised each of them that I would take care of them as long as they needed me.
–Laura Sanchez



Imagine what your house would be like with 16 children living with you. How many of us could do what she has done? But Laura Sanchez just can’t say no to children who have no home or no responsible adult in their lives. Maybe we can’t start an orphanage in our own home, but what we can do is give Laura Sanchez the help she needs.

A volunteer helps out in the Casa Hogar kitchen.
A volunteer helps out in the Casa Hogar kitchen.
Casa Hogar Pantry
Let’s keep their pantry full of nutritious food and essentials.
















A Promise

For the past nine years Laura has kept her promise to provide a home to any child who needed one. Can we promise to help her? If we can raise enough money to pay for food and other essential items every month, it will help Laura and the children survive. Please donate to keep her orphanage running.

If 100 World’s Children donors give $25 a month, the kids will always be fed.
Let’s help carry this heavy burden for this heroic woman.

To ensure food security for 16 vulnerable Mexican children,
please consider either making a one-time gift or monthly donation
Thank you for doing whatever you can.

World’s Children is committed to honoring your stated preferences for donations.
In some circumstances, such as overfunding of a project, your contribution will be used
for the greatest current need of vulnerable children.

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