Libraries Create a Love of Learning

A book is a gift you can open again and again. —Garrison Keillor

In the short video above, see how much the children love the libraries our donors provided for them.

Thanks to your kind donations, World’s Children provided recreational reading books, encyclopedias and bookshelves to 34 orphanages in India, bringing the joy of reading to over 2,745 children. The project has been so successful we are continuing to add books to the libraries we have created and we are starting new orphanage libraries as funding permits. We welcome donations of any size. Your gift of books has created that spark for the love of learning. Now enjoy these photos and the gratitude expressed by the orphanage administrators and the children in their own words.

Read what the kids have to say:

“We can acquire so much knowledge from these books. Whatever doubts raise in our minds, we immediately search for the answer in those books; we are easily finding our answers.

These are so useful for us. I saw different models of cars in those books. I really love those books. I am really thankful to you for giving us such rare gifts.” — Roshini, child at one of the orphanages supported by World’s Children

“Thank you so much for giving us these books. We are  so excited to have different kinds of books in our library. I read world’s wars. That book made me feel as though I was watching the war.” —Bhavani, child at one of the orphanages supported by World’s Children


“Yesterday I read about dinosaurs. It is so nice and interesting to learn.” —Rajini, child at one of the orphanages supported by World’s Children

Read what the administrators have to say:

“We  received the encyclopedias. It will be very much useful for our children to know about our world with colorful and attractive pictures. Very interestingly they are reading the books during the library period in the school and the leisure time in the evenings. They have taken an experiment for the science exhibition in the district level competition from this book. So kindly tell our heartfelt thanks to the donors who have donated these books.” —one of our orphanage administrators

“As soon as seeing the books the children were overwhelmed with joy and happiness and took the books and started to turn the pages and glance at the pictures and read them. They were so much interested in reading them. With folded hands I extend my heart filled with gratitude and thank you once again for all the Library Donors.”  —one of our orphanage administrators

“A book is a store house of knowledge, and can work as the windows to the world outside. Thank you very much for providing books and books shelves. Children are very lucky to have a library. It was rather impossible to find such a number of books in the hands of the poor children. The series of encyclopedias are so good and informative and much helpful to all children at all levels. It will be remembered as long as the hostel exists. —one of our orphanage administrators

“We also want to thank you for helping us to buy recreation books for all age groups of children of our hostel. Once the children are interested in reading, they spend lot of time in the library and gain much needed knowledge. This not only improves the learning level but also achieves higher aim in the life of the children. We want to say thanks from the bottom of our heart. Thank you! Thank you!” —one of our orphanage administrators

So it is with children who learn to read fluently and well: They begin to take flight into whole new worlds as effortlessly as young birds take to the sky. —William James


One of the India orphanage administrators explains the need below:

“We have requested you for the computers for our children for the following reasons:

Today computer has become an important part of education because we are using computers in every field and without the knowledge of computer we cannot get job and perform well in it. So computers can secure better jobs prospects. Knowledge about computer is must in this time.

We feel that our children who are marginalized by the society, who are in our institutions should be equally provided the chances apart from the formal education. They should be given chances to learn and use the computers, so that they can get better jobs and settle in life. This is very genuine request for the overall development of the unfortunate children who are in our home. Really this will be the greatest opportunity for the children to make their learning creative and joyful.”To see our most recently completed computer projects and view our 2017 Annual Report. The need for computers continues to be great. We appreciate your support.

Loretta Worthington, Board Member

Loretta Worthington

Loretta Worthington

Board Member

Loretta met David Purviance on a chance trip in 2006, while seeking to be of service to the vulnerable children in India.  Since then, Loretta has been a longtime supporter of World’s Children as a donor, sponsor, and previous Board member.  She had the wonderful opportunity to return to India twice to visit several World’s Children orphanages, and even identified the Happy Home orphanage and petitioned to bring it into the WC family. Loretta raised funds to build a well at Happy Home, where it now has clean water for all the children and staff.

Loretta currently works with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services as the Program Manager for the six Medical Hubs – the child abuse evaluation clinics for the County. She also serves as the Program Manager for the County’s Gender Health Program, serving patients seeking gender-affirming care in a safe environment.  Before her work with Los Angeles County, Loretta spent many years serving non-profit organizations in CA and in MN, her last as the Executive Director of a statewide non-profit in MN. She has a long history of volunteer work including Board Member and Board Chair service, grant writing and fundraising experience, program development, and creative leadership, all serving our most vulnerable and disenfranchised populations.

Loretta holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Services, a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership.  She lives in Los Angeles County with her partner, Myck, and their rescue kitties, Scooter and Thunder.

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