Results of 2020 Whatever the Need Campaign

Results of Whatever the Need 2020 Annual Campaign

Fate determined the children must grow up in an orphanage, but we can make their lives fulfilling and their environment safe. Sponsorship support provides the basic necessities a child needs – food, shelter, education and love. But over time we have learned that many other threads make up the fabric of a child’s welfare. That’s where special projects come in.

Each fall we ask if you can give a little more to make life better for children who must grow up in an orphanage. And each year you amaze us with your willingness to fund renovations and improvements in the children’s homes.

The global suffering created by coronavirus made 2020 an unprecedented year. Every year the homes ask for help with infrastructure like toilets, dormitories, dining halls and play areas. This year we’ve also been asked for water buffaloes and farm animals to provide added food security. And the most universal request was for technology such as TVs and computers so the children can attend their classes online.

Whatever the Need Campaign Results

Thank you for your kind support for what the homes needed most.

We are currently featuring another exciting project – a girl’s dorm. This project is almost finished but needs a little bit more funding. Click the button to learn more or give. If we all pitch in, we can finish this. Donations of all sizes welcome.