$13,000 needed to finish Nambikkai Illam Girls' Dorm

New Girls’ Dorm

Help complete a new dorm for 80 vulnerable girls at Nambikkai Illam Orphanage in Tamil Nadu, India. Please give whatever you can.

Project Details

So Close: Nambikkai Illam Orphanage in Tamil Nadu desperately needs a new girls’ dormitory for their 80 girls. These girls come from unfortunate backgrounds and now they need a comfortable and safe place to sleep. Nambikkai Illam takes in some of the neediest children who have nowhere else to go.

The Ground floor is completed. The second story needs funding.

The upper story concrete work

World’s Children donors have contributed $65,000 to this girls’ dorm and it is nearing completion. The ground floor is completed, but the project needs an additional $13,000 to complete the upper story.

Completed window on ground floor
Completed window on ground floor with mosquito screen.
Inside the dorm on the ground floor which is completed.


“I am happy to tell you that we have completed the construction of ground floor successfully. At the same time we feel sad to tell you that we could not complete the upper story construction. The roof concrete work is completed. Plastering, electric, tiles and painting work is pending. We need to finish within three months when school starts.

After Covid-19 the prices of construction materials such as cement, sand, bricks, steel bars and ties has gone very high. They are too expensive hence we could not go further with construction. We have no other source of income. Kindly consider our estimate.” — Sister Stella, NI Administrator

Together, let’s make sure these vulnerable girls can grow up in a nurturing environment. Please give whatever you can.