Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Birthday Party?

Every child deserves to celebrate their special day. Once a month, our homes have a birthday party to honor the kids who have birthdays that month. The day is full of love, laughter, shared gifts and most importantly – CAKE!


Birthdays are a great way for the children to forget about the hardships they have endured all their lives. Most of these children had to grow up too fast at such a young age. These celebrations allow the children to relax, have fun with their friends and just be a kid.

Each year, World’s Children collects birthday celebration photos from all the homes. We are excited to share a video compilation of our favorite photos below. Enjoy!


Every Child Deserves to Celebrate Their Special Day

Thanks to many of our sponsors, the homes World’s Children supports are able to continue these fun parties each month. If you are interested in donating to birthday parties, please see our celebrations page.


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