Feeding a Family of 60 Children

Healthier, Happier Kids

World’s Children provides the basics–food, clothing, shelter, and education through our child sponsorship program to the orphanages we serve. When you feed the children well, they are happier and healthier, and the administrators are spending less time and money on medical issues. The children also do better in school. So what does it take? Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at one of the orphanages we support.

Feeding 60 children for one week requires an extraordinary grocery run
Feeding 60 children for one week requires an extraordinary grocery run
Eggs to feed 60 kids for 3 days
Vegetables for 60 kids to last a week
A special chicken curry is served once a week
The local police brought these eight homeless children to the orphanage for sanctuary. They are showing off their new plates.
Boiled milk for yogurt
Fruit for the week
The children inspect milk and eggs. Milk is sold in pouches in India.
Sweets always bring a smile
Serving the younger children
Older girls serve the younger children
Time to eat
Now it’s time to eat!

Since food prices are always on the rise, you can contribute for extra nutritious food any time, in any amount. Thank you!


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