Coronavirus Lockdown – A Child’s Story

Navadeep tells his story

All the children at Sister Seline’s Home for Children sent letters to their sponsors describing what it has been like for them during coronavirus. The children at this home are special. They all are affected by HIV, so they have to take special precautions to stay healthy. The government mandated that all children who could, had to go live with relatives during the lockdown. Many of the children remained in the home, but others went to live with family members.


Keeping up to date with Newsletters

World’s Children mails out old-fashioned paper newsletters to sponsors and donors every couple of months or so. If you’ve been missing out, you can get up to date or read some history. Since we are usually mailing photos, progress reports, letters and drawings to sponsors, we add all

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Children at Nambikkai Illam Orphanage with Deva and Yasotha

Successful Sponsorship leads to Independence

A Successful Journey Out of Poverty Have you ever wondered how kids who grow up in an orphanage eventually find a husband or wife, get a job and then start a family? The journey from being an orphaned child to becoming a self-sufficient young adult requires a lot

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