Prevention of Child Trafficking Program 2017

September 29, 2017 Update on the Prevention of Child Trafficking Program

The first four months of the Prevention of Child Trafficking project have proven once again that the Sisters in charge of the project are courageous and determined.

Rescued from Child Trafficking

Since April 2017, when the project started, they have rescued 11 more girls from traffickers. Ten of the girls were minors and one 15-year-old girl was found to be pregnant.One rescued girl had been sold by her uncle to traffickers when she was just 13 years old. She was sold two or three more times and when the nuns rescued her and did a medical check-up they learned she was HIV-positive.

Over the past six years these brave Catholic Sisters have rescued more than 470 girls and many of them were taken to the orphanages they operate and are now sponsored by folks like you.

Prevention is the Key

But rescuing women and girls is not the only thing the Sisters do. They want to stop traffickers before they buy or kidnap girls and that is the primary purpose of their Prevention of Child Trafficking effort.

Education is the key to prevent child trafficking
A school assembly to educate children about traffickers

Since the beginning of April they have held public meetings in many villages with a total attendance of 9,841. A short film was shown at each meeting explaining how traffickers work. Posters were created and put up in schools and villages. They held assemblies for 2,425 children in eight schools. A dozen Community Vigilant Committees were formed in 12 villages, while eight Child Vigilant Committees were formed comprising students in the sixth to ninth grades. Almost 2,000 women attended classes given to Self Help Groups. And training is happening on a daily basis to ensure their staff and village volunteers can take over the program when the Sisters move their project to new areas.

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Children at Nambikkai Illam Orphanage with Deva and Yasotha

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