Matching Funds for Remote Education

The Remote Education Fund

Current Priority: The Education Fund is providing technology and equipment to help orphans and vulnerable children access remote learning during the coronavirus pandemic. You can double your impact!

Double Your Impact

When you give for remote education, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous donor up to $10,000 through December 31th. When we raise $10,000 we can give $20,000 for remote education!

The Problem

We asked the orphanages in India what the children need most right now at this stage of the coronavirus pandemic. The most pressing concern is accessing remote education. All schools are closed. Education is available on government TV stations or online. The orphanage administrators have asked for our help to purchase computers, projectors, TVs and smartphones so the children can continue their education remotely.

Your Investment in Education“We need only one computer with a projector for our children for their online classes.” [The administrators have been letting the children use their one office computer, but the sisters can’t get their work done.] — Sister Thangam, Fatima Home for Children, Tamil Nadu, India

“In our home six girls who are going to college have to attend online classes using smart phones. The children can learn the lessons by listening to the TV channel (the school education broadcasting channel). So we are in need of two TVs including cost of education channel — one TV for primary children and one for high school children.” — Sister Anne, St. Anthony’s Orphanage, Tamil Nadu, India


Children need access to remote education
“Children are using staff mobile phones for listening to the classes.” —Sister Rosemary

Access to remote education
Girls at Sr. Seline’s Home for Children gather around one of two computers.

The Solution

“The children are occupied with studies online and WhatsApp notes from the school. We are glad that last year you have granted two computers for the use of children. Now they are useful for the online classes. Also, thank you for sending the grant to buy the projector.” —Sister Suvartha, Sister Seline’s Children’s Home, Andhra Pradesh

Thanks to WC donors, on December 1st, World’s Children wired funds to pay for a projector for Sister Seline’s.

Projector gives access to remote education
WC donors provided this screen, a laptop, and projector for Little Flower Home for Children earlier this year.

The equipment requests are modest.
As you can see by the photo above, one computer hooked up to a projector,
can serve many children.

remote education needs

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