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An orphanage is a large family.

Sponsor an Orphanage

Can you imagine being responsible for raising 75-100 children? You can share that responsibility. Be an orphanage sponsor.

1 group photo of all the children at the orphanage each year

1 newsletter about the orphanage each year

“We are overwhelmed by your kind support. Children are growing healthy and stronger because of the extra nutritious food like milk and eggs that your are providing by sponsoring our orphanage.”

– Uttam, orphanage administrator


  • Why sponsor an orphanage rather than a child?

    Some donors may not wish to have a one-on-one relationship with a particular child. We are equally grateful to those individuals who make a regular monthly donation to help an orphanage. When you sponsor an orphanage, we will send you a group photo of the children and a newsletter about the orphanage. You will receive one of each every year.

  • How will my sponsorship help the orphanage?

    The orphanages we support always need extra funding for infrastructure, staff for running the orphanage, medical expenses, and educational expenses for the children. Your donation can help give these children a happy and healthy childhood and a solid education. Experience the joy of uplifting all the children.

  • Can I terminate my sponsorship at any time?

    Yes. You do not sign a contract with us and you are under no obligation to continue your support. You can cancel sponsorship at any time. To cancel, please call or email to let us know that you want to end the relationship you have with the orphanage.

  • How is my sponsorship donation used?

    World’s Children is committed to honoring your stated preferences for sponsorship donations. In some circumstances, such as an unforeseen change in a partner organization, your contribution will be used for the greatest need of vulnerable children living in poverty.

Still Need Help?

If you have more questions, or if you’d like to delve further into the sponsorship program, we’d love to talk with you!

Keeping up to date with Newsletters

World’s Children mails out old-fashioned paper newsletters to sponsors and donors every couple of months or so. If you’ve been missing out, you can get up to date or read some history. Since we are usually mailing photos, progress reports, letters and drawings to sponsors, we add all

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Children at Nambikkai Illam Orphanage with Deva and Yasotha

Successful Sponsorship leads to Independence

A Successful Journey Out of Poverty Have you ever wondered how kids who grow up in an orphanage eventually find a husband or wife, get a job and then start a family? The journey from being an orphaned child to becoming a self-sufficient young adult requires a lot

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