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You can break the cycle of poverty. Invest in an aspiring student from disadvantaged circumstances. Follow the progress of your student as they move toward a rewarding career and a secure financial future, because of you.

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In 2001, Ashisha was an abused four-year-old.
In 2019, she became a college graduate.
Sponsorship followed by a World's Children Scholarship changed her life.
You can be the difference for a student like Ashisha.

Featured Students Who Need a Scholarship


“Your help could really give me new life and great future. Kindly accept my request for a scholarship and stretch your hands for a poor girl like me.”   ~Shakila, a scholarship applicant from India


Dincy needs a scholarship to complete her engineering degree.


DINCY HAS JUST RECEIVED A SCHOLARSHIP! Dincy’s father is an unstable man who grew up in a World’s Children home. He did not go on to receive higher education after he left the home, and he became an alcoholic without means to provide for his family. Now, he pays no attention to his children. Dincy is determined to create a different path for herself, but she needs your support! Dincy wants to get a bachelor’s degree in engineering so she can obtain a successful government job and break a difficult cycle within her family.

“I have no one to care about my higher studies expenses. So I need your financial assistance to finish this engineering course.” – Dincy

Andrews needs a nursing scholarship


ANDREWS JUST RECEIVED A SCHOLARSHIP! Andrews is a brilliant young girl who was raised in a WC home in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Her father is a laborer and her mother is ill with heart disease, so they are unable to take care of their five children, four of which are girls. However, Andrews never let these unfortunate circumstances slow her down.

Andrews is a young leader in her home. She tutors the younger children through their academic coursework and leads by example. Andrews deserves a chance to further her education, but she may not have that opportunity. Her father wants her to get a factory job, but she has set intentions to become a nurse. Andrews also wants to help her sisters with their education. With your help, we believe she has the potential to succeed and pursue her dream to become a nurse.

Amutha needs a scholarship

Amutha’s parents do not see the value in educating her, but that has not stopped Amutha from fighting for what she wants. This young girl spent four years in a WC home learning from the administrators and the students around her, and now she wants to pass that gift on to others through obtaining a degree in teaching.

Amutha is from a very poor tribal village in the hills of India, where most people live a difficult life without electricity, proper education, or job opportunities. By providing Amutha with a scholarship for a bachelor of science degree in chemistry, you can encourage her to keep fighting for her future as a teacher.

If you prefer, we are always delighted to work with you individually to match you with a student who needs a scholarship.

We have 48 needy students who still need help.