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Amutha wants to become a teacher but she needs your help.

Help Amutha complete her degree

Sponsors Receive:

A detailed update each year (includes your student’s scholarship application materials, and a personal letter from our scholarship director about your student’s academic progress)

A thank you letter from your student

A photo of your student

"I am coming from a tribal village and a very poor background. I had lost hope in continuing my studies, but I have great hope in you. Therefore, trusting in your generosity, I request you to help me financially to continue my studies."

– Amutha


  • Can you tell me more about Amutha?

    Amutha’s parents do not see the value in educating her, but that has not stopped Amutha from fighting for what she wants. This young girl spent four years in a WC home learning from the administrators and the students around her, and now she wants to pass that gift on to others through obtaining a degree in teaching. Amutha is from a very poor tribal village in the hills of India, where most people live a difficult life without electricity, proper education, or job opportunities. By providing Amutha with a scholarship for a bachelor of science degree in chemistry, you can encourage her to keep fighting for her future as a teacher.

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