Worldwide, 45.8 million are victims of human trafficking.

This sanctuary home supported by World’s Children takes in at-risk girls including girls rescued from trafficking.

Our mother tried to sell us

Saved in the nick of time

World’s Children sponsors children who have been rescued from trafficking and exploitation. This photo shows two children who were rescued from the streets of India by one of the orphanages we support. Divya and Rajiv [seated front row center] were almost sold by their mother…


Education and awareness can prevent child trafficking.

Traffickers are the enemy, and together we are going to take the fight to them. You can help make it impossible for them to kidnap women and girls in 48 villages in central India.

Bringing awareness about traffickers to 10,000 children

Child Trafficking Prevention Project

World’s Children is funding a three-year Child Trafficking Prevention Project in India. This project is providing 30,000 people in villages in India with the knowledge about how traffickers dupe women or simply snatch unwatched girls.

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With a blanket of watchful eyes, we believe child trafficking can be stopped in this targeted area, which has a total population of about 151,000 people.

We plan to expand this project to more villages in the future.

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