Prevention of Child Trafficking

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Prevent Child Trafficking

Help prevent child trafficking in India. The first six years of this successful project have shown that a blanket of watchful eyes and awareness training in a community can stop child trafficking. Read more below.

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Child Trafficking
Traffickers could steal her childhood

In 2017, World’s Children began funding The Prevention of Child Trafficking Program (PCT). The PCT Program educates and trains adults and children to identify and thwart traffickers.

The Prevention of Child Trafficking Project costs about $21,216/year. Since 2017, the five-member PCT team has worked with  a countrywide hotline created to prevent child abuse. The team also works closely with Child Welfare Committees, local police, village government officers, school officials and others to reduce child marriage and child trafficking.

The target area for the program is a particularly vulnerable area for trafficking in the state of Telangana, India. From April 2017 to Feb 2022, the PCT team educated over 130,985 adults and children living in 211 villages, and 16,800 girls and boys in 131 schools.153 victims were rescued from trafficking and given support services. The villagers and school children also stopped 75 child marriages, identified 30 victims of domestic abuse and 187 school drop-outs.

Because of the tremendous success of this prevention program, WC extended support for this program from three years to six years. This will allow the PCT team to expands into new areas. The team will continue their current program and enlarge the area to include villages in two more districts in Telangana, India that are vulnerable to traffickers.

The continuing program will serve 393,629 people in three districts that include both urban and rural communities. With a blanket of watchful eyes and awareness training, we believe child trafficking can be stopped in this area.

This program is a proven model and it is cost-effective. With your support, we hope to expand this project to even more villages in the future.


World’s Children Prevention of Child Trafficking Video

In this seven-minute video, see the Prevention of Child Trafficking (PCT) Team in action over a six-month period from July – December 2022. Learn their successful strategy for making villages safe for children and women. See how a village works together to protect the children and the children help too!

In 2022, The Prevention of Child Trafficking Program was funded in part by
The Evelyn S. and K.E. Barrett Foundation.


The Sisters will hold assemblies like this one in 48 schools to educate 10,000 children about traffickers.
The PCT team is holding assemblies like this one in schools to educate children about traffickers.


These village women are learning about the tricks of child traffickers in a meeting organized by the Sisters.
These village women are learning about the tricks of child traffickers in a meeting organized by the PCT team.


Spread the Word

WATCH the video. READ the 2017-2022 Prevention of Child Trafficking Report to learn the method and results. It includes TRUE STORIES. The PCT team’s method is effective and the program results are encouraging. Share this story with your friends. We hope other organizations can follow these methods and prevent trafficking in areas they serve.


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