Prevent Child Trafficking

Prevent Child Trafficking

World’s Children is funding a six-year Prevention of Child Trafficking Project in India. This project provides knowledge about how traffickers dupe women or simply snatch unwatched girls.

Prevent Child Trafficking

Child Trafficking
Traffickers could steal her childhood


In 2017, World’s Children began funding a three-year Prevention of Child Trafficking The Prevention of child Trafficking Program (PCT) is designed to educate and train adults and children to identify and thwart traffickers.

The Prevention of Child Trafficking Project costs about $18,300 a year. Since 2011, the five-member PCT team has worked with ChildLine India, a countrywide hotline created to prevent child abuse.

The total population of the target area for the first three years of the project was 151,000 people in a particularly vulnerable area for trafficking in the state of Telangana, India. Over a three-year period, the PCT team educated over 120,000 adults and children living in 211 villages, and 12,297 girls and boys in 80 schools.

Because of the tremendous success of this prevention program, WC is extending support for this program for an additional three years. This will allow the PCT team to expands into new areas. The team will continue their current program and enlarge the area to include villages in two more districts in Telangana, India that are hard-hit by traffickers.

The continuing program will serve 393,629 people in three districts that include both urban and rural communities. With a blanket of watchful eyes and awareness training, we believe child trafficking can be stopped in this targeted area.

This program is so successful and cost-effective that we hope to expand this project to even more villages in the future.

The Sisters will hold assemblies like this one in 48 schools to educate 10,000 children about traffickers.
The PCT team is holding assemblies like this one in schools to educate children about traffickers.

These village women are learning about the tricks of child traffickers in a meeting organized by the Sisters.
These village women are learning about the tricks of child traffickers in a meeting organized by the PCT team.

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Read the full Prevention of Child Trafficking Program description with true stories. The PCT team’s method is effective and the program results are encouraging. Share this story with your friends. It is a model that other organizations can follow to prevent child trafficking.

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