February 2021 News from the Children’s Homes

We live in unusual times and we want to give our sponsors and supporters an update on what is happening in the orphanages and children’s homes that we support in Guatemala, Ethiopia, and India. Life for the children is getting back to normal. Even though restrictions due to COVID are lifting, the children and their caregivers are taking precautions to stay healthy and safe.


Quiche Indian Mission, Guatemala
2/18/21 – The children have begun virtual classes and will start hybrid classes soon. Several children have arrived at the school but fewer than in previous years. Parents do not want to risk the lives of their girls by sending them to school. They are having a hard time convincing the parents to allow their children to return.


Bridge of Hope, Ethiopia
The school and orphanage have been operating as normal during this period. They are taking precautions but there have been no closures.



Bethel Orphanage, Andhra Pradesh
1/26/21 – Grades 9 and 10 are starting Feb 1. They are repairing and getting the hostel ready. Primary school students are not allowed in the hostel yet.
2/18/21 – All students came back and then they got fever and colds. They were sent back home for a week to receive Covid testing and now they are admitted back and all is going normally. 32 students are back.

Nithya Sahaya Matha, Andhra Pradesh
2/18/21 – Students are coming to school and hostel students are living in the hostel. WC has received letters from the children to their sponsors who have just returned. They plan to hold a late Christmas celebration when all the students are back.

Sister Seline’s Memorial Home, Andhra Pradesh
Children have been in the home the whole time. They are still attending classes online.

Swadhar Home, Andhra Pradesh
Children did not leave this children’s home and all are in good health, attending online classes.

Karunya Care & Support Center, Andhra Pradesh
Most of the children are back and schools are open.


Fatima Home for Children, Tamil Nadu
2/17/21 – Schools are open and primary students are starting next week. WC received a lot of case histories of additional needy children at this orphanage.

Little Flower Children’s Home, Tamil Nadu
2/11/21 – Students in grades 9‐11 are allowed to go to school. The children have returned back to the home. All are healthy and safe.

St Anthony’s Orphanage, Tamil Nadu
2/2/21 – Most children are back in the orphanage and have been living there for some time. A few children are still with their relatives or parents who are not allowing them to come back yet.

St. Joseph’s Children’s Home, Tamil Nadu
2/17/21 – Children are slowly coming back.

Happy Home for Children, Tamil Nadu
1/15/21 – 67 children have come back to the orphanage with support from the medical college hospital in Nagercoil they tested all children for Covid. Grades 10‐12 classes are in session. They are allowing only 25 students per class, dividing them into three sessions. The primary and middle school children are at the children’s home doing their classes online.

Nambikkai Illam, Tamil Nadu
Kids are coming back, but not all are back yet.

Nirmala Matha Home, Tamil Nadu
2/9/21 – The 12th grade girls are going to school regularly. The primary and middle school students are still doing classes online. The administrator of this home said their classes will resume with no vacation and they will have back-to-back exams from 2020 through 2021. The primary and middle school children have a hard time staying focused all day with the online classes so they’ve added classical dance, yoga, meditation and sports.

Athipet Girls’ Home, Tamil Nadu
1/2/21 – 45 girls are living at this home. School has not yet opened for in-person learning. They have put their Christmas celebration on hold until everyone comes back.


Miriam Hostel, Telangana
2/16/21 – Only 9th and 10th grade students are coming to in-person school. They are not sure when the rest of the children will be permitted to return to school.

Marian Orphanage, Telangana
2/18/21 – The Telangana government gave permission to open schools and colleges beginning Feb 1st. Only 9th and 10th grade students are allowed to come to school if they have had a Covid test and safety measures are in place at the home. All who have arrived are in good health and are glad to be back and happy to be studying.

Methodist Boarding Home for Boys & Girls, Telangana
1/13/21 – Schools, colleges and hostels opened Feb 1st for 9th grade and above.

St. Elizabeth’s, Telangana
2/4/21 – Sister Catherine said that the school has not opened for in-person learning. 9th grade and above classes have started but most parents are not willing to send the children to school yet.

Assunta Asha Nilayam, Telangana
Children did not leave the orphanage; classes are online.

Balavikasita Orphanage, Telangana
All kids are back except for a few children from families who had to move away to find work. They are still in touch with those families and they are making a plan to bring them back. School is all online right now.

Shanthi Nilayam Orphanage, Telangana
2/16/21 – All the children are slowly coming back to the home.

Sneha Sadan, Telangana
The children are returning. They must get a negative Covid test result from the hospital before additional children are added to the children’s home.


Mary Immaculate, Bihar
The hostel was due to open in January.

Katihar Boys’ Home, Bihar
The hostel was due to open in January.


Raichur Girls’ Hostel, Karnataka
1/21/2021 – The girls had not returned as of this date.

Lucile Colony Girls’ Hostel, Karnataka
1/21/2021 – The girls had not returned as of this date.

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