Take the Pen Challenge!

Take the Pen Challenge

Take the Pen Challenge!

Next time you misplace a pen, think about Roja—the girl whose entire outlook on life was changed because of a pen and a kind act.

Roja was young when her father died. Her mother, a day-laborer, had Roja’s two younger brothers to support. So at age 5, Roja was taken to an orphanage. But she never had a World’s Children sponsor of her own.

Dedicated to her studies, Roja always felt lucky to have a trusted pen. It was just a simple pen. But to Roja it represented learning—her future. And she grew up understanding that a pen worth about $1 is a treasure. “This is high value to my poor family. This amount purchases 2kg of raw rice for cooking.”

Help Roja-Take the Pen Challenge
Roja’s Story

Can you imagine choosing between owning a pen or buying food?

Then one day, moments before a final exam, Roja noticed her only pen was gone.

“Tears come out from my eyes. I was not able to control myself. This tension totally collapsed my mind, and I lost my confidence. I forgot what I prepared for this exam.”

Seeing Roja’s distress, her teacher stepped in.

“She understood and she immediately give her own pen to me. I have faced many obstacle to complete my school days. Sometimes I was under depression. But this memorable event gave courage to me and a hope that I will get help from another’s goodness.” —Roja

This simple act of kindness made a big difference.

Today, Roja says: “My ambition is high.” The 17-year-old loves science and wants to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing—a reliable career path that will ensure she can help her family the way others have helped her.

A sponsor recently stepped forward to cover Roja until she gets her degree!

A one-year scholarship is only $600. 

Please help other girls like Roja finish their studies and obtain a meaningful career.



If we all pitch in, imagine what our acts of kindness can do.