Staying Healthy with Clean Hands

We hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe

Dear Friends,

This is a difficult time for our nation and for the world and we truly hope you and your loved ones are free of the coronavirus and not too badly impacted by the economic fallout from it.

Many of you send us notes and emails from time to time letting us know how you are doing. Please continue to write us. We want to know how you are.

How are the kids?

Some of you may be concerned about how your sponsored child and others in the orphanages are doing. We know that medical advice is not readily available to them. So we researched the best information we could find about the contagious coronavirus, its symptoms, treatment and how to avoid it, and emailed that to every home.

In addition to this informational email sent to every home with fact sheets (shown below) about how to keep the children healthy from coronavirus, we also funded the purchase of extra soap.

Staying Healthy-Stop the Spread of Germs
Click the photo to read “Stop the Spread of Germs”
Corona Virus Fact Sheet
Click the photo to read “Coronavirus Fact Sheet”

Staying healthy by washing hands with soap

When we have visited the orphanages, we noticed that not all homes routinely have soap for hand washing. So we are providing funds specifically for extra soap.

BEFORE – Sometimes the children did not use soap
Staying Healthy with soap and water
AFTER – Now the children are staying healthy with soap and water

The orphanage administrators were so grateful to get the information

Girls from Mary Immaculate wash with soap.Here are some of the emails they sent in reply:

Mary Imelda: “Really I appreciate your love and concern towards the children. The instructions are good and helpful to combat this new virus. All the children and the sisters are fine. Now the Government advised to close the school as some infected cases are confirmed in Nellore itself. Really all are concerned about this deadly virus.

“Already the children are provided the soap bars to use in all the washing places and the instructions were given to protect themselves. The children have started to instruct their parents or family members about the safety measures on the telephone. Hope you are all doing well and praying for you all. Kindly inform to the sponsors too. Thanking you.” – Bethel Orphanage, Andhra Pradesh, India

Ms. Cristina Paul: “I am very much grateful to you all and the sponsors for all your kind concern for the children. By God’s Grace and your prayers our children are healthy. I have given hand soaps to all the children. They are washing their hand often and keeping clean. We are keeping all your instructions. They are free from the coronavirus. Thanking you.” – Lucile Colony, Karnataka, India

Sister Celine: “Yes we are here taking the precaution and our children had an orientation and motivation session from a doctor who explained about all the precautionary measures and soap is used for the frequent hand washing and they are instructed well how to go about. Thank you very much for your care for the children. we are also very alert to take care of them and not to send them to any public places avoiding the contact and touching the surfaces and the people etc.” – Sneha Sadan, Telangana, India

Sister Anne: “We the sisters and children are doing fine. Now the Government announced to give leave for the children from L.KG to 5th grade to save them from the attack of coronavirus. So all these children are at our Home. As you said in the letter we are giving special attention to keeping them very clean. Everyday two times they are made to take bath and making them very often to wash their hands with soap and also we are not allowing them to touch each other. Specially we pray God to save the world from this virus.” – St. Anthony’s Orphanage, Tamil Nadu, India

Staying healthy with clean hands
Staying healthy with clean hands

Thank you for all your support!

Without your kind donations, we could not have provided this extra soap for the children and their caretakers.


Loretta Worthington, Board Member

Loretta Worthington

Loretta Worthington

Board Member

Loretta met David Purviance on a chance trip in 2006, while seeking to be of service to the vulnerable children in India.  Since then, Loretta has been a longtime supporter of World’s Children as a donor, sponsor, and previous Board member.  She had the wonderful opportunity to return to India twice to visit several World’s Children orphanages, and even identified the Happy Home orphanage and petitioned to bring it into the WC family. Loretta raised funds to build a well at Happy Home, where it now has clean water for all the children and staff.

Loretta currently works with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services as the Program Manager for the six Medical Hubs – the child abuse evaluation clinics for the County. She also serves as the Program Manager for the County’s Gender Health Program, serving patients seeking gender-affirming care in a safe environment.  Before her work with Los Angeles County, Loretta spent many years serving non-profit organizations in CA and in MN, her last as the Executive Director of a statewide non-profit in MN. She has a long history of volunteer work including Board Member and Board Chair service, grant writing and fundraising experience, program development, and creative leadership, all serving our most vulnerable and disenfranchised populations.

Loretta holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Services, a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership.  She lives in Los Angeles County with her partner, Myck, and their rescue kitties, Scooter and Thunder.

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