September 2021 Updates from the Children’s Homes

For the betterment of the children before going to school, we took them out on a field trip. Children felt very happy.
–Sr. Anjala Mary, Little Flower Home for Children [see photo above]

In India, coronavirus is decreasing in most areas so the state governments are allowing most older children to return to schools, orphanages and hostels. In some areas the children can attend school if they are in the 6th grade and above and in other areas from 9th – 12th grade.

Some families are still worried about coronavirus and are afraid to allow their children to attend school or go back to the orphanages. Slowly the children who have been living with relatives are returning to the children’s homes.

The children are healthy, but we did hear about one problem they are having. One administrator told us that, “Girls and boys behave very naughty after the long absence from the schools and homes.” We know the administrators can handle it.

Some orphanages are being asked to take more children. We think this will continue to be the case as India overcomes covid, but children whose parents have died will have no one to care for them.

St. Elizabeth’s Home for Children
“Today I had called all the sponsored children to the children’s home and gave them the groceries. They were so happy. All of them are in good health. Our schools are reopened but we cannot force any one of them to come to our school. These instructions are given by the government. Hostels are not supposed to open.” –Sr. Catherine, 9-15-21

Assuntha Asha Nilayam (home for girls affected by HIV)
Sister Rosemary was hospitalized for several months with covid and World’s Children donors helped pay for her hospital bills.

“I am still on medication and my health is improving. I am grateful to you for all the help I received from you. I still need to rest physically. I lost weight and am weak. Children are keeping well. Schools began this month but we are not sending them at present since covid 19 is increasing. We will see this month how the situation will be. Then we may send them to school next month.

Kindly take care from pandemic. Praying for you and your staff. May God bless you for all the good work you extend for the poor and needy.” –Sr. Rosemary, 9-15-21

Balavikasita Sadan
Balavikasita has all their 98 children living in their boys’ home and their girls’ home. None of their children are staying with relatives. Uttam explains that their boys’ facility has become too small, but they can’t afford to rent a larger facility.

“Due to covid we are unable to get a bigger place. Our situation is we cannot maintain the government norms in a smaller place for the boys, but on the other hand the children have been consistently increasing, being sent by the government. Because of this our needs at the girls’ and boys’ homes for their food, grocery and medical needs has grown.” –Uttam Kumar, 9-15-21

Nirmala Matha Home for Children
“After the lockdown and long leave now the schools are open. So we are busy with our school and homework. We are getting only 60% students in the school as well as in the home. Already our district has many school dropouts. We are working hard to bring the children back.”  –Sr. Lourdu Mary, 9-13-21

St. Joseph’s Home for Children
“We are well and safe. We hope the same with you. We are so happy whenever to receive your high love and affection with our home children. When you are with us we don’t worry.

During period of lockdown when the corona disease spreading was high in our area, we sent the children home with their parents. More than 25 persons died by coronavirus in our village. By that time parents could not go for any job for earning money to live their life.

From July when transportation was started again we called the parents and supplied food items and dress for their needs. The school arranged online education classes from July. Only one girl was always with us. All the other girls were living with their relatives.

As the disease is now decreasing the government has announced to open the school for 9th to 12th standard school children from September 1st onwards. Our home children are coming one by one.” –Sr. Mary Jacindha, 9-9-21

Raichur Girls’ Hostel
“On 23rd August the 9th to 12th year class has started. On 6th September 2021, 6th to 8th class has started. Children are starting to come to hostel.” –Manjula Jacob, 9-5-21

Bridge of Hope Children’s Village, Gondar, Ethiopia

World’s Children sponsors children at Bridge of Hope Children’s Village (BOH) in Gondar, Ethiopia. All the children and staff are in good health, free of covid. But the region is experiencing political violence and unrest, particularly in the Tigray region which is not far to the north and east of the city where BOH is located.

Because of this difficult situation, World’s Children wired an additional $2,695 to Bridge of Hope from greatest need funds so they could install a gate and wall to protect the orphanage.

On behalf of all the children,
thank you for your generous support!

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