Scholarship Program Update for 2017-2018

“Education is the most effective way to make them self-sufficient. Most of the students want to give back from their incomes some money to help the orphanage and its mission.” –Sister Amutha Theos

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Sarcred Heart Nursing College graduation ceremony
Sacred Heart Nursing College graduation ceremony

On this page we will continue to provide updates about the the World’s Children Scholarship Program including info about worthy applicants, heartwarming stories about graduates and WC Scholarship Program statistics.

Update July 12, 2018

145 new applicants—all with moving stories—need our support. According to the funding we receive, on our deadline of August 15, 2018, we will have to choose which of these dedicated students will receive a scholarship this year. Please help us forever improve their lives. You can contribute any amount to the Scholarship Fund or sponsor a student for $600/year. Experience the joy when you change a life–FOREVER!

2018-19 Scholarship Applications Status on 7/6/2018

Graduating kids who are leaving the program in 2018: 83
Students renewing for next school year: 159
Renewal applications received: 159
Total new applicants to the program: 173
New applications received: 173
Students on WC scholarship who need a new sponsor: 7
New applicants who were previously sponsored: 34
New applicants who lived in a WC home: 84
Students who will be going for a Masters: 25
Estimated 2019 graduating students: 75
Scholarship letters to donors sent to date: 145

Update May 23, 2018

Scholarship applications are starting to flood into our office. We are expecting to have over 300 worthy applicants from impoverished backgrounds this year.  We have expanded the programs to several new orphanages. So far we have 87 applications. There are 48 renewals for students continuing their degree programs and 39 are new students.

Good News

One donor has agreed to sponsor 18 new students and a second donor has agreed to sponsor 24 for a total of 42 students! Both of these generous donors have sponsored scholarship students in the past and have enjoyed the heartwarming experience seeing so many lives changed forever.

Join the Scholarship Family–experience the Joy!

Please know that any size donation can help these students receive good paying careers and can raise their families out of poverty. To sponsor one student is $600/year.

Breakdown of Scholarship Students

Let us start with the 2017-18 statistics to provide an overview and up-to-date picture of the program’s growth.

WC Scholarship Program 2018 Grads and Continuing Students

WC Scholarship Program Female and Male Students

Fields of studies are diversifying

World's Children Scholarship Program Continuing Students Field of Study

The Graduates

WC Scholarship Program Graduates' Fields of Study


 See the expansion of the Scholarship Program

242 students in 2017-18!

Funding for students is growing rapidly

WC Scholarship Program growth in dollar amount by year

Importance of the Program

Upon finding secure, living-wage jobs, the students often express their gratitude through direct action. 

Sister Amutha is the Mother Superior of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Congregation in India. She oversees 11 orphanages and a nursing college. She also says about her nursing students, “Most girls have already found a job before they even graduate.”

We could not do this without you! Thanks for your support.

Stay tuned for more updates.



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