Ukrainian Refugee Relief

Ukrainian Refugee Relief

The Ukrainian refugee crisis is a heartbreaking tragedy of our time. Most of the refugees fleeing for their lives are women and children. Provide lifesaving supplies and comfort the children with trauma intervention.

World’s Children is working with the Uzhhorod Refugee Fund to bring lifesaving relief to refugees in Ukraine

A trusted partner
World’s Children began a partnership with the Corvallis, Oregon Sister Cities Association (CSCA) in 2013. This organization helps vulnerable children in their two sister cities—Gondar, Ethiopia and Uzhhorod, Ukraine. CSCA directors introduced WC staff to Bridge of Hope Children’s Village in Gondar, Ethiopia where WC now sponsors 60 children. The CSCA is our trusted partner.

Helping refugees in Ukraine
CSCA has been working with children in Uzhhorod, Ukraine since 1989. This city is located in western Ukraine on the border of Slovakia and was recently visited by First Lady Jill Biden. The CSCA has set up an Uzhhorod refugee fund to help Ukrainian refugees fleeing from unsafe areas of Ukraine to Uzhhorod which is not under attack. Most of the refugees are women and children.

Strategic Aid
Because of their long term relationship with Ukraine, CSCA has excellent connections on the ground that are providing strategic aid such as shelter, supplies and appliances; basic needs like food, water, clothing, and medical aid; help for children such as trauma support and refugee child protective services for children who have escaped without relatives.

The Uzhhorod Refugee Fund (URF) is delivering lifesaving aid to the women and children fleeing for their lives in Ukraine. So far the URF has delivered $57,821 in supplies like the provisions and bedding shown in the photos below.

Help Ukrainian Refugees
Supplies for Ukrainian Refugees


Ukrainian Refugee Relief
Beds for refugees in an Uzhhorod gymnasium


Relief for children suffering from trauma

A Ukrainian doctor is spearheading a project to help children recover from the trauma of war. Some of the children are having nightmares; others are separated from their mothers. Trained professionals will translate and print workbooks designed to help children recover from their experiences and oversee the best use of the materials.

In addition, safe housing and basic needs of unaccompanied minors, protective services against abuse and trafficking and emergency location will be provided. But we need your help to fund all these continuing efforts.

Trauma Relief for Ukrainian Children
Trauma Relief for Ukrainian Children

Please help
The Ukrainian refugee crisis is a heartbreaking tragedy of our time. Like you, we want to help. If you haven’t had the chance to give for Ukraine relief, we humbly ask you to support this noble grassroots effort.

Your donation will go to aid Ukrainian refugees with supplies and trauma recovery for the children.