Our Scholarship Program Changes Lives

How World's Children scholarship program changed Shailaja's life


How Our Scholarship Program Changes Lives

Shailaja just graduated with a degree in nursing in 2021. You can sponsor a college student like Shailaja. Her story is notable and will give you insight into how the World’s Children Scholarship Program changes lives.

“Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.” – Shailaja

Her Story

Shailaja’s mother died giving birth to her. Her father remarried and he and her step-mother abused her, physically and mentally. At one point she became injured and had to go to a doctor. The doctor took Shailaja to a shelter supported by World’s Children where she has lived since 2010. A sponsor stepped in to fund Shailaja’s college through the World’s Children’s Scholarship Program. Now Shailaja is a true success story.

Read Shailaja’s moving letter to her sponsor

Dear Sponsor,

“Greetings from your sponsored student Shailaja. I am fine. I hope you are also fine there.

I am going to complete my Bachelor of Science in Nursing 4th year. Thank you very much for your support. During this COVID-19, I am working in our hospital because of holidays. I am posted in surgical ward and all the surgical and medical patients come there. While working in the hospital, we are attending the online classes also.

I really extend my sincere gratitude to you who stood my side up to now. Above all, its through your hands I grew up to become an adult with a mission to change my career.

My dear sponsor, what can I give you and what can I say if it had not been your incomparable love you extended to me.

I am who I am because of what you did for my life where my parents were unable to support me in all the aspects of life. I really thank you my sponsor you came into my life. Your generous caring heart has meant so much to me in my studies. Thank you for your support.

Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.

Thank you once again for your great support to me for my studies. I always remember you and your family in my prayers for your good health and all that you do in supporting many like me.

Your sponsored student,

How you can change a life

World’s Children provides scholarships to 270 underprivileged students every year. 90% of these students are girls. Almost every student in the scholarship program graduates with a college degree or vocational training certificate so they can have a life-changing career. Do you want to know what happens after graduation? Do they get a career? Read more success stories.

You can sponsor a college student or give any amount.

Educating girls is the best way to end poverty. Please join us. You can change a life.

Thank you!


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