Who is the most important woman in your life?

Most people would probably say their mother is the most important woman in their life.

But how would you answer that question if you didn’t have a mother growing up? How would children whose fate is to live in an orphanage answer that?

most important woman in my life
A loving care-giver reassures this child at one of our orphanages

Let’s ask them

“My parents died of AIDS.  My role model is Sister because she is helping the poor children and helps us in studying or anything. I want to do like this. Sister is helping the sick. So, I want to be like Sister.” –Soumya, orphan affected by HIV/AIDS

“I cannot imagine if sisters did not bring me here. What would be my condition with no treatment? I would have been dead.”  –Renuka, orphan affected by HIV/AIDS

“I am HIV infected girl and I am an orphan. My parents died of AIDS. Here Sisters look after us like our parents. I am very happy because I get all that I need to lead a happy life.” –Shirisha

most important woman
Shobha at Balavikasita Orphanage, mother and a most important woman in these girls’ lives, nurtures and inspires them.

“I want to be like our warden sister when I grow up. She is a role model to all of us. She is more loving hearted. She is our mother.” –Sudha

“I want to imitate Sister Doris. Nine years back I joined children’s home. From that day til today Sister is a mother of 53 children. When I had high fever and vomiting she was sleepless until my fever came down. When I was not able to eat, she was feeding me. She treats all of us in same way.” –Venuma

On this Mother’s Day, World’s Children honors all the women who have dedicated their lives to children who have no mother or father.

And we also want to thank YOU! Your support and dedication to the children makes everything possible.

Grija says it well:

 “I have lost my parents so I am being as an orphan girl. But you have adopted me as your sponsor child so I have you to love and care about me. It makes me to be happy in my daily life.” –Grija

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