Only 69% of adult women in Guatemala know how to read. -UNESCO

Educate girls in Guatemala

The Quiche Indian Mission girls’ hostel and school is located in Chichicastenango, Guatemala.

The school portion of the program is co- educational, but the boarding facility is just for girls.

World’s Children sponsors support girls from poor families in rural Guatemala who could not afford to attend school and complete their education without our help.


In rural areas, where most of the population is of Mayan descent, 8 in 10 people live below the poverty line

The public school system is free for Guatemalans, but the cost of books, uniforms, and transportation often precludes poor children from attending school.

The Quiche Indian Mission provides shelter, food, healthcare, and education for girls who would not otherwise receive an opportunity to attend school.

Most of these girls have families that are simply too poor to provide them with an education.

educate girls in Guatemala