Comfort Brings Joy Campaign Updates!

Comfort Brings Joy 2018 Annual Campaign
Visit this page to see which campaign projects have been funded and which still need your help. Every penny counts!

So far the Comfort Brings Joy 2018 Campaign has raised approximately $20,000 including $10,000 in matching funds.  On December 1st, we were able to fund seven projects. But you can see by the list below,

we still have more work to do!

Please consider making a donation to provide a more comfortable, safe and healthy life for the children.

This can be the best Christmas present you can give them and one they will enjoy 365 days a year.

Thanks for your generous support.

Comfort Brings Joy Campaign Update as of 12-13-18


Keeping up to date with Newsletters

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Children at Nambikkai Illam Orphanage with Deva and Yasotha

Successful Sponsorship leads to Independence

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