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We assist the most vulnerable children—orphans, abandoned, and abused children. Children with HIV. Many are girls who are unwanted simply because they are girls. Sponsor a child in India.

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In 2001, Ashisha was an abused four-year-old.
In 2019, she is a college graduate.
Sponsorship changed her life.
You can be the difference in a child's life.

“When I found out I had a sponsor, it was a shock. I couldn’t breathe or blink for about three seconds. You brought me warmth and support when I was in deep trouble.” ~ Chandru from India

The children below need a sponsor—someone like you

Sponsor Kani

At only 12 years old, Kani is a true orphan. Her father died in an accident and her mother passed away due to illness. Kani is also one of 6 sisters, which is a very difficult family situation in India.

Kani was recently brought to a WC home by her eldest sister when she found out that Kani was being abused by her brother in-laws. The family is desperately poor. Kani has nowhere to go for the holidays and no family members who can come to her rescue.

Kani needs additional support to help her break the cycle of poverty within her family. Staying in a World’s Children home is her best chance at getting an education and finding her own pathway to success. Will you be Kani’s symbol of hope?

Sponsor Afrin Now

Afrin was born on December 12, 2009. Her parents are both severely mentally ill and have abandoned her. Before they disappeared, they brutally tortured Afrin and her brother. The children were often locked in a room within their house before they were rescued by the neighbors.
She is now receiving counseling through the orphanage to help her cope with her traumatic past. This young girl would benefit greatly from the love of a sponsor.

Sponsor Harish

Harish is a young boy in Telangana, India. His mother Divya, is still just a girl who is uneducated and found work as a day laborer on a farm. She was disowned by her family when they found out she was pregnant. The man who impregnated her disappeared without marrying her. She was unable to meet the needs of her growing child on her own, so she brought Harish to a World’s Children home where he would be properly cared for.

The home administrator has described Harish as a “good boy,” who enjoys playing with other children. They believe he will be successful if he stays in the home and continues his studies, which he can do with the help of a sponsor.

Sponsor Sahith

Sahith is one of three brothers living in an orphanage in Tamil Nadu, India. Their father was a fisherman who met with an accident and died. His wife was uneducated and after her husband’s death, the family quickly sunk into poverty and had nothing to eat. She stopped caring care for her three sons altogether. They dropped out of school and roamed the streets, begging and eating out of garbage bins. Finally people in their village brought all three boys to a World’s Children orphanage last fall.

Sahith is in the 3rd grade. He is a good student and his favorite subjects are math and science. He likes to play ball with the other boys and draws pictures in his free time. His health is good and the administrator is confident he will stay in the children’s home through graduation. He would benefit greatly from the love and support of a sponsor.

Sponsor Simran

Simran’s father is an abusive drunkard who regularly beats his wife, and has even taken a flaming torch to his children. He does not work regularly, but when he does he spends his earnings on drugs and alcohol. He cheats on his wife and steals her earnings as well. In a drunken rage, he set fire to his own home and destroyed all of the family’s belongings. Simran’s mother brought the children to a WC home so that they would be safe and cared for away from their father. She wants the children to receive an education.

Simran does well in school. She enjoys mathematics and English. Outside of the classroom, she likes playing volleyball with friends. Simran needs a sponsor who cares about her and wants her to succeed.

Sponsor Pius

Pius’s father passed away in 2018 leaving Pius’s mother to care for two children on her own. They were living in a small, mud hut. She does not make enough money to keep food on the table, but she has a strong desire to educate her children, so she brought Pius and his brother to a World’s Children home in Bihar, India.

Pius enjoys learning math in the classroom, and playing soccer outside of the classroom. He is only five years old and enrolled in kindergarten. With the help of a sponsor, Pius will have a path to success and can break the cycle of poverty he was born into.

If you prefer, we are always delighted to work with you individually to match you with a child. We have many more children waiting for a sponsor.