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We assist the most vulnerable children—orphans, abandoned, and abused children. Children with HIV. Many are girls who are unwanted simply because they are girls. Sponsor a child in India.

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In 2001, Ashisha was an abused four-year-old.
In 2019, she is a college graduate.
Sponsorship changed her life.
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“When I found out I had a sponsor, it was a shock. I couldn’t breathe or blink for about three seconds. You brought me warmth and support when I was in deep trouble.” ~ Chandru from India

The children below need a sponsor—someone like you

Joans needs a sponsor

Joans is 11 years old. Both of her parents are uneducated manual laborers. However, her father is an alcoholic who participates in illegal activities and is in-and-out of jail. He would frequently take drugs and beat his wife in front of their three daughters. Eventually his wife escaped his cruelty along with the girls and brought them to a home sponsored by World’s Children in southern Tamil Nadu. Now the girls, including Joans, are safe, well fed, and getting a good education while living in the home. Their mother is also staying at the home and is employed as a cook there, making nutritious meals for her girls and the other 160 children staying there. Joans has adjusted very well to her new surroundings and is doing great in school having recently finished the 6th grade. The administrator of the home describes Joans as very cute and intelligent and says she loves singing songs and practicing her English letters.

Vijo needs a sponsor

We just found a sponsor for a boy named Lijo, and now we would like to find one for his younger brother, Vijo. Vijo is 5 years old and he lives in Tamil Nadu, India. He has been in baby classes and will soon start 1st grade. Vijo’s father was diagnosed with Schizophrenia soon after Vijo’s birth. Life for the family has been increasingly difficult since this diagnosis, as the father is unwilling to take any medications and he often disappears for days on end. Vijo’s mother grew up in a World’s Children home, and now she is requesting help from the home because of these truly unfortunate circumstances. She wants her children to know the love of their father and she spends much of her time and resources attempting to help him. She desperately wants her children to receive an education. Vijo loves to dance, recite rhymes, and learn his letters.

Sneha is 12 years old and lives in the Indian state of Telangana. Her father is an alcoholic who spends the family’s meager income on alcohol and is abusive and threatening to his wife and children. While Sneha’s parents would spend the day looking for manual labor jobs, she and her younger brother were wandering the streets looking for food. Someone noticed Sneha’s situation and told her parents about a home nearby where Sneha would be safe and fed and would be able to go to school, and her parents allowed her to go. Now Sneha is doing very well, having recently completed the 5th grade. She is learning English and really enjoys science classes. She also loves to dance.

Soumya needs a sponsor.

We recently found a sponsor for her older sister Esther, now we would like to find one as well for 8-year-old Soumya. Soumya has been staying with her sister at a home supported by World’s Children for the past three years. Her family is very poor, but the real issue is that her father is an abusive alcoholic who uses the family’s meager earnings on alcohol. He disappears for days at a time, only to return home to terrorize the children and beat their mother. Their mother is unhealthy and often falls ill and is unable to work. Fortunately, Soumya and her sister found safety and a healthy environment to grow up in at this home for girls in the Indian state of Karnataka. Soumya is doing very well there and recently finished the 3rd grade. Her favorite subjects in school are Kannada (her native language) and environmental science. She also enjoys running, singing, and playing with her friends.

Akshaya needs a sponsor.

Akshaya is a 14-year-old girl from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. She comes from a family of four and has a younger sister. Akshaya’s father worked as a house painter. One day he was painting the outside of a building and fell a great distance. This tragic accident took his life and left his wife and two children alone. Akshaya’s mother struggled to support her children. She is uneducated and suffers from rheumatism, so she is unable to find work and she is undergoing medical treatment. She does not have the money to support herself and feed and educate her children and pay her medical bills. She learned about a nearby home for children supported by World’s Children and approached them for help. Akshaya joined the home, where she receives nutritious food, clean clothing, and is able to attend school. Akshaya recently completed the 9th grade and is doing very well in her studies. She especially likes learning English and social science in school. Her favorite recreational activities are dancing, drawing pictures, playing cards and playing a board game called caroms.

Sponsor Harish

Harish is an eight-year-old boy from the Indian state of Telangana and an only child. His mother is a simple, uneducated girl whose parents made her do manual labor instead of attending school. While working she met a man and became pregnant with his child. When she told him she was pregnant he ran away and she has not seen him since. When she told her parents that she was pregnant they made her leave their home. She lived alone in a tiny rental hut, and after delivering Harish she was still on her own but now with a child to support. It was an impossible situation. She did her best but finally her neighbors saw how desperate she was and told her there was a children’s home not far away that could help. Harish has recently completed the third grade. He is a good student and he is in good health. The home administrators describe Harish as a good boy who enjoys playing with other children.

If you prefer, we are always delighted to work with you individually to match you with a child. We have many more children waiting for a sponsor.