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We assist the most vulnerable children—orphans, abandoned, and abused children. Children with HIV. Many are girls who are unwanted simply because they are girls. Sponsor a child in India.

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In 2001, Ashisha was an abused four-year-old.
In 2019, she is a college graduate.
Sponsorship changed her life.
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“When I found out I had a sponsor, it was a shock. I couldn’t breathe or blink for about three seconds. You brought me warmth and support when I was in deep trouble.” ~ Chandru from India

The children below need a sponsor—someone like you

Brosina (pictured with her younger brother) is only four years old and she is residing in Tamil Nadu, India. She is a semi-orphan girl who lost her father to blood cancer, he was only 25 years old at the time. Her mother, now 17, is uneducated and struggles to find work. She does not have the means to feed and care for her child. The World’s Children home where Brosina now resides is committed to giving this young girl all the opportunities she needs to become successful and healthy as she matures. Brosina is still in nursery school and her favorite activity is reciting rhymes and songs.

Supriya needs a sponsor

Both of Supriya’s parents are HIV positive. Even though Supriya herself is not infected by the disease, it has still had an enormous impact on her life. Supriya’s father is an alcoholic who was regularly violent with his wife and children. He cheated on his wife and caused her emotional pain in addition to the physical pain he inflicted. The family spent many nights awake in fear that the father would return home. One day, Supriya’s mother left her in the care of her grandparents, and went home to hang herself.
Because they were unsafe without their mother to care for them and protect them, Supriya and her sister are now under the care of a WC home in Andrha Pradesh, India. Supriya is 11 years old and she is in 6th grade. She has dreams of becoming a dance teacher and loves playing outside with her friends.The home administrators are working hard to make sure this young girl feels loved and supported, but they request the help of a World’s Children sponsor to give her hope.

Sponsor Veronica Now

Veronica lives in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. She is 10 years old and in the fifth grade. Although she has a cheerful disposition, she comes from a troubling background. Her father is a cruel man who abused alcohol and tortured his children and wife. He would spent all of the household earnings on his addiction, and there was rarely food for his children to eat. The family lived in fear for their lives. Veronica’s mother eventually fled with her three children to a World’s Children home, where they are now being protected, educated and well fed.
Veronica loves to dance, sing and recite rhymes. The administrators at the children’s home where she lives say that Veronica is a graceful and cheerful young girl who studies hard and has nice handwriting.

Jensi needs a sponsor


Jensi is 9 years old and she is currently in the 4th grade. Jensi’s father was an alcoholic who has caused her and her family a lot of emotional and physical suffering. One day, Jensi’s mother had enough and ran away with her girls to find help. Now, she is a cook at the World’s Children orpahanage where she and her three girls reside safely. Jensi’s favorite subject is mathematics, and she likes to sing Tamil songs in her free time.

Abishak is 12 years old and currently resides at a World’s Children home in the south of India. He is in 5th grade. His family situation is very difficult. His father is blind, and his mother suffers from mental illness. Because of her illness, Abishak’s mother is not present in his life. She is currently living in a congregation being taken care of by nuns as her mental condition worsens. His father cannot find work. According to the home administrators, the children were in desperate condition upon their arrival to the home, and Abishak would benefit greatly from the support of a loving sponsor. His special interests include dancing, singing and cleaning.

Sponsor Pius

Pius’s father passed away in 2018 leaving Pius’s mother to care for two children on her own. They were living in a small, mud hut. She does not make enough money to keep food on the table, but she has a strong desire to educate her children, so she brought Pius and his brother to a World’s Children home in Bihar, India.
Pius enjoys learning math in the classroom, and playing soccer outside of the classroom. He is only five years old and enrolled in kindergarten. With the help of a sponsor, Pius will have a path to success and can break the cycle of poverty he was born into.

If you prefer, we are always delighted to work with you individually to match you with a child. We have many more children waiting for a sponsor.