Why Our Charity is Different

Small is Beautiful

The main reason World’s Children is different is because we value all of our relationships. They bring joy and fulfillment–not only to our children–but to our sponsors and our team.

When you call us on the phone, you will get a real person. We love talking to you. You inspire us and make us better. If you email or write to us, you will get a personal response, not a form letter. We can also tell you exactly how we spent your money.

our charity is different because we are personal and joyful
One of Kim and Berne’s 4 sponsored girls holds their photo


Our Sponsors are Loyal for a Reason

Read our sponsor testimonials and see how dedicated our sponsors are. Our sponsors feel a joy that comes from watching children that they have supported throughout their childhood rise out of poverty and despair to a better future. They also know that we use over 90% of their donations for Program Services.

We have sponsors who have been with us for decades–sponsors like George and Lynne–sponsoring since 1975.

“We’ve been sponsors since our own children were young. It has brought us a lot of joy. I’m proud to say that both our children are also sponsors.”–George and Lynne

Making an Orphanage a Home

our charity is different because we are personal and joyful
A loving care-giver reassures this child at one of our orphanages


It’s a sad fact that some children in the world will not grow up with their biological parents. The reasons for that vary. For some their parents died leaving them orphaned and alone. For others there was abuse in the home. Or maybe they were born female and their family did not want girls.

In each case these children eventually found themselves growing up in an orphanage. But let’s call them children’s homes, because a home is what World’s Children works very hard to make for our sponsored children.

We work only with children’s homes that provide love, personal attention, education and the opportunity for a child to know the joy of childhood. The real heart of World’s Children is the many women and men who have given their lives to care for children who may never have known a kind person before. Their love and compassion heals the emotional wounds and provides the security the children so desperately need. You can see the miracles they accomplish in the faces of the children.

A Happy Place

our charity is different because we are personal and joyful
Sacred Heart Sisters caught in the act



“Although the travel was hard, it was a blessing for me to meet the children of the orphanage. I expected an orphanage to be a sad place, but it was, in fact, one of the happiest places I’ve ever been! I found myself wanting to be a part of such a good thing so I decided to sponsor two of the children.” – Randy, a sponsor who visited a children’s home in India


World’s Children stays flexible to meet all the children’s needs

our charity is different because we are personal and joyful
Children at Nambikai Illam are enjoying the knowledge books in their library.

• When we learned many of the children’s homes had no recreational books, we gave libraries to every home.
• Playground equipment and sports items are routinely provided by World’s Children donors.
• Every month there is a birthday party in each children’s home and on holidays, there is a celebration. Every child – whether sponsored or not – gets a gift during these festivities.
• Each fall we raise funds to improve conditions in the homes, including paying for beds, mattresses, mosquito nets, water filters, improved toilets, diesel generators and photo-voltaic electricity, solar hot water heaters, and much more.
• When we discovered that children affected by HIV were living on the streets because no relative wanted them in their home, we began seeking out children’s homes for HIV-positive children. We now support five homes in India and one in Ethiopia for children affected by HIV.

Successful Outcomes

educating girls in Guatemala
We work with the administrators in each home to ensure a successful outcome for every child. For many that means attending college and this year World’s Children provided approximately 270 college scholarships – 90 percent go to women. For others it could mean vocational training and for some it is setting them up with their own small business.

Share the Joy

But the best reason for deciding to sponsor a child with World’s Children is because of the joy that both you and your child will feel. For the child, your sponsorship signals that someone really cares about them and wants them to succeed. And for you, there is an almost inexpressible feeling of joy knowing that you are taking one child and lifting them out of poverty. You will change a child’s life forever. And there is nothing more satisfying and joyful than knowing you have done that.