Provide India Coronavirus Relief

The administrators of the children's homes we support in India and their team are giving food to impoverished families and migrants displaced by the nationwide coronavirus quarantine.

India Coronavirus Relief

Please give for India relief.
Displaced migrant workers and manual laborers who live day-to-day need our help. They are desperate for food, frightened about catching the coronavirus, and lacking basic information to avoid it. Please help if you can.
India Coronavirus Relief
Sisters of the Sacred Heart provide food for women whose families have been displaced by the nationwide coronavirus quarantine.


Your donation will help displaced workers and families in India who are suffering



“Our strength is that we have 63 centers in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, where committed workers and sisters are ready to carry out this noble task.”
—Sister Amutha


coronavirus relief for India

What groups will be helped?

Two groups are in greatest need at this time—displaced migrant workers and manual laborers who live day-to-day. Both groups are desperate for food, frightened about catching the coronavirus, and lacking basic information to avoid it. The Sisters help all who are in need without regard to religion, caste, tribal affiliation or other classification. Please give for this ongoing relief effort to help India during the coronavirus crisis.

What type of assistance are they giving?

The Sacred Heart Sisters and our other partners are distributing rice, dal, vegetables, eggs and other essential food items. They also provide medicine where needed, face masks, soap and instructions about avoiding the coronavirus. When they find infected people they connect those people with medical clinics, government centers or other NGOs that are treating coronavirus patients.






coronavirus relief for India
Food supplies that will be given to those in need.


coronavirus relief for India
Women are making masks for the Sisters to distribute.


“We would be immensely grateful to you if you could join us in our efforts to reduce the misery of the millions, in this time of great tribulation from Covid 19.” —Sister Amutha

World’s Children has worked with the Sisters of the Sacred Heart and many of our other orphanage partners for several decades. These women are selflessly dedicated to helping India’s poor.

India Coronavirus relief
“We have already distributed provision kit and vegetables to 75 families and giving rice to the poor students’ families. The second round of distribution we want to start within two days. Thank you.” —Sister Lourdu Mary



As of August 31, 2020, World’s Children has wired $17,219 to our orphanage partners in India who are operating feeding programs. We want to send more in the coming days. Please donate to feed unemployed and dislocated people and families in India.