24.9 Million People Worldwide Are Victims of Human Trafficking

Download our free report to learn how the trafficking prevention team is stopping traffickers and making communities safe again.
With a blanket of watchful eyes, child trafficking can be prevented
World’s Children is funding a successful prevention of child and human trafficking program that is in its sixth year. This program is a proven model and it is cost-effective. Download the free report to learn how trafficking is being stopped, and how we can all become part of the solution.
“I am very happy and grateful to you for the support you have been giving towards the human trafficking program in our area which is helping to save many innocent girls from being trafficked.” — India Prevention of Trafficking Program Administrator
We Protect Vulnerable Children
World’s Children has been helping orphans and vulnerable children since 1965. Some have been rescued from traffickers. We understand child trafficking at its roots and how to end it. Watch the video to learn more about how we protect and nurture children who are at-risk.

Human Trafficking Can Be Prevented
In this report you will read true stories of children and women rescued from trafficking. You will come to understand the tricks traffickers use. Find out the keys to prevent more suffering — learn how communities are coming together to put an end to trafficking in their villages. Click the button below to download the Prevention of Child Trafficking Report today. Be sure to share it with your friends.
You can be part of the solution
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