21 Million People Worldwide Are Victims Of Human Trafficking
We all know that human trafficking is one of the largest issues facing humanity today. Currently, there are more slaves in the world than the population of London, New York, and Los Angeles combined

Our free report on Human/Child Trafficking outlines tricks that kidnappers use to isolate their victims. It also tells a real story of trafficking that happened recently at an orphanage we support. We have over 50 years of experience helping and protecting less fortunate children, and want to share our insights.

Download the report to learn how Human Trafficking is being prevented, and how we can all become part of the solution.
We Protect Vulnerable Children...
We understand child trafficking at its roots. Since 1965, we have helped orphans and vulnerable children through our child sponsorship program, and too many times we've witnessed the evil of these kidnappers. Watch the video to learn a bit more about what we do at World's Children.

Human Trafficking Can Be Prevented
Before any of us can make a difference, we need to understand the facts. Read a true story of child trafficking, learn about the tricks these horrible people use, and find out what's being done to prevent more suffering. Download our report today for valuable information on this global issue.
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