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Andrews wants to become a nurse but she needs your help.

Help Andrews Complete Her Nursing Degree

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A detailed update each year (includes your student’s scholarship application materials, and a personal letter from our scholarship director about your student’s academic progress)

A thank you letter from your student

A photo of your student

"Without your help, I can't think of higher education."



  • Can you tell me more about Andrews?

    Andrews is a brilliant young girl who was raised in a WC home in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Her father is a laborer and her mother is ill with heart disease, so they are unable to take care of their five children, four of which are girls. However, Andrews never let these unfortunate circumstances slow her down. Andrews is a young leader in her home. She tutors the younger children through their academic coursework and leads by example. Andrews deserves a chance to further her education, but she may not have that opportunity. Her father wants her to get a factory job, but she has set intentions to become a nurse. With your help, we believe she has the potential to succeed and pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. With her income, she wants to help her sisters with their education.

  • Can you tell me more about the scholarship program?

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