The Baby Project

Help care for unwanted babies in India

The Baby Project

Learn more about this lifesaving project below.

Help abandoned babies in India

Rescuing Unwanted Babies

In addition to caring for 160 orphans and vulnerable children, St. Anthony’s Orphanage is taking in abandoned and unwanted babies. These babies are brought to the orphanage by local child welfare authorities.

They need:

1. To build a separate bathroom with bathing area for the babies and to build a separate playroom for children under two. Cost: $3,704.

2. A vehicle to rescue abandoned babies quickly, and to take the babies and children in the orphanage for medical treatment. Cost: $16,136

Total: $19,840.

We know the story of abandoned babies may sound shocking, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Please contribute whatever you can to this lifesaving project. You can give any amount either recurring or one time.