No Snakes Allowed

Safety Requests

Please help keep the children safe from deadly snakes, disease-carrying mosquitos, and scorpions. Also keep them free from fear. Read more details below.

Urgent Safety Requests


Can you imagine being a child and fearing that you might step on a deadly snake when you have to visit the toilet at night? For those children that short trip to the bathroom is not just a groggy shuffle in bedroom slippers; it is a dreaded experience.

Safe at Home Campaign
These girls are happy to be playing Chinese checkers on the veranda of their dorm. They live at Marian Orphanage in India.
This snake invaded the veranda of the girls’ dorm at St. Elizabeth’s Children’s Home. Luckily the children were at school.


“Our children’s home is surrounded by fields. In rainy season many poisonous snakes are coming to the compound. This past three months we killed 18 snakes in our compound and two snakes inside the veranda and since it was night children were saved.

“On Saturday children were in school and as we were having lunch suddenly one of our sisters saw a snake on the wall and it came down and entered the veranda (snake above). At once we called our worker and he killed the snake. Thank God children were in the school. Here there is always fear of snakes and there are mosquitoes entering to the rooms and children are getting fever and sick. — Sister Catherine


St. Elizabeth’s Children’s Home

with 51 childrenScreens for windows and doors so that snakes and mosquitoes cannot get into the dormitory. Cost: $2,443

Annai Scholastica

with 66 children – Nighttime solar lighting for the children’s toilets, bathing rooms and the study hall. Cost: $4,974
“Since our home is surrounded with the dense forest area, very often movement of poisonous creatures can be seen—especially in the night. Hence this is one of the reasons our girls get terrified and feel tremble when they move out of the house in the night to the restrooms.” —Sister Stella

Nirmala Matha Home

with 280 girls – Poisonous snakes are coming into the compound. To protect the children and cooks, the home needs solar lighting for toilets, bathing rooms and kitchen. Cost: $6,637
Nirmala Matha explains why their request is so critical
“Since the bathing rooms and toilets are outside the residence, our children are scared and feel dismayed to move outside during the night in the pitch dark. Though we provide them torch light, it’s very difficult to find poisonous creatures which hide under the bush and corners. Once when one of our girls went to the restroom in the night, she was bitten up by a scorpion and we had to take her to the hospital immediately that night since scorpion is a poisonous arachnid.

“We recently had another terrible experience in our home. When our cook had gone to cook in the morning for our children, she found a huge and poisonous snake inside the kitchen. There was not power that morning and she took the flashlight and went to the kitchen. She yelled with terror and ran out of the kitchen. Most of the time, it’s happening and no cook is willing to stay and cook for us. We got another good cook. Now she too had this experience and refused to stay and cook for us. We cannot avoid all these situations since we live in a forest area and it’s natural for the insects and other poisonous creatures to move around here. The only solution we found is to fix solar light in our home and get rid of obscurity everywhere when the power is cut.” —Sister Lourdu Mary

Athipet Tribal Girls’ Home

with 194 girls – Doors on shelves and cabinets to keep snakes and insects out. Cost: $3,553

St. Anthony’s Orphanage

with 135 children – Solar panels for night lighting when the power is out. Cost: $11,488

The cost of these projects may be more than any one of us can afford.
But if we all pitch in, it’s amazing what we can do together. You can give any amount either recurring or one time.