Lighting Project for Balavikasita

There is a solution!

Balavikasita Orphanage Lighting Project

The solution for the problem of lighting for Balavikasita Orphanage in India when the power goes out (frequently) is an Inverter battery generator system. The boys' home and the girls' home both need a system. Currently the children eat and study by candlelight when the power goes out. Please give. Every donation makes a difference!

The Problem:
Backup lighting system

Studying by candle light
The children must study by candlelight when the power is off.


Candle light dinner
This candlelight dinner is not optional.


You can see the problem readily. The power in India goes out a lot.

You see how dark it is for the kids eating their dinner. It makes you wonder how difficult it must be for the cook! How about getting ready for bed when you are caring for 86 children?

The Solution:
An inverter battery generator system

The photo shows an inverter battery combo system with a trolley.

The battery charges up when there is AC power. When the power goes out, the battery supplies a DC power backup that can give these children light to eat and study by. The girls’ home needs three of these systems for different rooms and the boys’ home also needs three.

Balavikasita asked us to fund this project last year, but we did not raise the funds.

Let’s not leave the Balavikasita children in the dark for another year!

The project cost: $4313. The project is partially funded so we only need: $3,313.

Every donation makes a difference. Please give so these children can have light when the power goes off.