2021 Matching Challenge bringing comfort after crisis

Let's give 320 children a place at the table

2021 Matching Campaign-A Place at the Table

Double your impact! Three orphanages with a total of 320 children have asked for tables and benches, desks and chairs. Currently their children sit on the floor to study and eat. Let's give them a place at the table! All donations welcome and your donation will go twice as far. See details below.

Double your Impact!

When you give for tables and benches, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar by several generous donors up to $11,000 through December 31, 2021. When we raise $11,000 we can give $22,000!

12/28/21 UPDATE: $3,520 remains in matching funds. (Two orphanages have been funded! One remains.)

Let’s give 80 more children a place at the table

In India everyone takes their shoes off before entering a home. That custom helps ensure cleanliness and shows respect for the owner. But in three orphanages, the children must eat and study on the floor. Our children deserve a place at the table. You can help provide that for these children.

The average cost per child: $68.75. These tables and benches, desks and chairs will be built to withstand the wear and tear of many children.

  • PARTIALLY FUNDED – Katihar Boys’ Hostel in India needs 80 desks and benches for the children so they don’t have to sit on the floor to study (photo above). Total cost: $7,138.
  • FUNDED – Nambikkai Illam in India needs 15 dining tables and benches for 80 children (photo below on left). Total cost: $7,540.
  • FUNDED – St. Anthony’s Orphanage in India needs desks and chairs for 160 children in their study hall. Total cost: $7,305.
Children eating on the floor
Let’s lift up the 240 children at St. Anthony’s and Katihar off the floor so they can eat and study at tables.
AFTER-Children eating at tables
These children at Balavikasita used to eat on the floor. Now thanks to donors like you, they have tables & stools.


Thanks so much. Every little bit you pitch in will help give 240 more children
a place at the table.