Gift Catalog

In addition to sponsoring, many of our supporters like to give for individual projects that impact the children’s well-being and bring joy into their lives. You can choose your donation amount for any of the projects. You can also pay over time by giving monthly when you check-out. When we all pitch in, even the expensive projects get done. Thanks!

Animals for Nirmala Matha
Farm Animals

Nirmala Matha Children’s Home in India needs hens, cows and goats to help feed 280 girls.

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The Baby Project
The Baby Project

St. Anthony’s Orphanage is helping to rescue and care for unwanted babies.

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Comfort after Crisis
Comfort after Crisis Campaign

Covid disrupted the children’s lives. This appeal raises funds for critical projects.

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Gift in Honor


The children’s homes celebrate birthdays and holidays to bring joy to all the children.

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Healthy Child Fund
Healthy Children

The Healthy Child Fund assists with children’s health needs – both expected and unexpected.

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Homes need motor scooters

Economical, practical and essential way for orphanage caregivers to get around in India.

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Sponsor an Orphanage
Helping an Orphanage

An orphanage is a large family. Can you imagine the expense of raising 75-100 children?

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Continuing Sponsorship Payment
Prevention of Child Trafficking

Help prevent child trafficking in India. Awareness training in a community is key.

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Give for scholarsihps
Education of Girls

Eliminate poverty by educating girls. Provide assistance to vulnerable young women.

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